Participation Under The Current Circumstances (COVID 19)



Considering the challenges brought by COVID-19 we offer you several ways to participate.

On-site: get the "real feeling" by joining us on-site in St.Gallen!
We’ll set in place all the hygiene and security measures in place to best welcome you.

Online, alone: we will make the St.Gallen unconference accessible online. This will be made possible for the sessions and the breaks!













Unconference@home: there are several oikos alumni and friends who live in the same city and want to join the unconference, but maybe are not able to travel. In some cities, there will be "unconference rooms" where you can both participate in the unconference online, but also "get in touch" with other participants from the same city. We expect to have rooms in cities like Berlin, Paris, Brussels, Munich, and Vienna. We are open for more and would be happy to support you in being a local host.



Organizing a session: Online vs. on-site


We want to make most of the unconference accessible online. Both the sessions and the breaks, because both are crucial parts of the unconference. You can run a session in St.Gallen, but also from your home. 

You feel running a session both on-site and online too much for you? Maybe you have something in mind which you don't feel comfortable with to have that hassle? No problem, we can help you to get there. However, if you still wish to run an offline session, then feel free to suggest this. You can do this either in St.Gallen or in one of the rooms.

Running this year`s unconference will be a bit of a challenge for all of us. But in the same spirit as last year`s unconference we will be able to achieve this together. And we see this as an opportunity to make the unconference accessible to more participants in the future.

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